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Masjid Expansion Project

Campaign objective is to increase capacity from 700 worshipers to 1300 worshipers. Doubling the impact. Strengthening the faith of the Muslim community in Mount Pleasant, Brampton

Campaign Details

Completed Stages

In Progress Stage

Stage 6: Footing and Foundation ($127,000)

Start date of stage 6: August 11th, 2020

Entire Campaign

The entire campaign consists of 20 stages. Cost of the entire construction project is ($1.875 million)

Adapting to Change COVID-19

Although recent events have necessitated closure of gathering, the masjid is not letting this pandemic stop us from adapting and continuing to offer programs and services remotely by leveraging latest technology.

mount pleasant islamic centre Brampton

Our Objectives

Our Programs & Services

Learn about Mount Pleasant Islamic Centre Programs and Services throughout the year.


Establishment of religious rituals

The masjid offers:

Workshops for teaching the Qur’an for kids

Workshops for teaching the Qur’an for kids

Workshops for teaching the noble Qur’an to adults

Workshops for teaching the noble Qur’an to adults

Weekend Arabic language school for children

Work With Us

If you are committed to helping your community, and like the values and ethos Mount Pleasant Islamic Centre adheres to, we look forward to get in touch with you for any appropriate vacancy.

Important Note about Jumua'a Prayer:

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.

Registrations for Jumua’a prayer is now open on “The Masjid App”. Please download the app via the links below if you didn’t already.

We’re performing 4 Jumua’a prayers, Since spaces are always limited, we ask you to please book your ticket as soon as you can. You will receive a confirmation email and a QR code. Please do not delete them as you will need to present them when you arrive for salat.

Jazaakum Allah Khair.