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Our Programs & Services

daily prayers

5 Daily Prayers & Full time Imam

Masjid Al-Salam has a full time Imam and holds five daily prayers to hold the most important obligation of our community.

jumua prayer

3 Jumu’ah Prayers

The masjid holds three Jumu’ah prayers due to the ever-increasing size of our community.

family meeting Friday

Family Night Every Friday

To encourage productive and permissible activities, the masjid hosts families every Friday for fun, food, and social interaction.

Weekday Quran Classes

Quran classes are held every weekday to ensure kids are connected to the Book of Allah.

weekend school

Weekend School

Weekend school is held to keep kids connected to the masjid, learn basic Arabic, and Islamic etiquette and manners.

community engagement

Islamic Civil Marriage

Masjid Al-Salam has a licensed Imam who can perform Islamic Civil marriages.

weekend school

Sister’s Halaqa

Every Wednesday morning is dedicated to sister’s halaqa to provide them an environment to discuss and gain knowledge about issues related to them.

Aldawa to Allah

Neighborhood Reach

Masjid Al-Salam regularly reaches out to our neighbors to connect our community to all the citizens around us.

Volunteer Appreciation

Regular events are held to appreciate and reward our volunteers without whose help and support we could not run many of our programs.

taraweeh prayer

Taraweeh in Ramadan

Taraweeh prayers are held in Ramadan and Quran is recited by the most qualified Qurra.

Eid Prayers

Following the Sunnah, Eid prayers are held collectively in open areas and arenas with out masaajids and communities.

eid parties

Eid Gatherings and Parties

Eid celebration and parties are held to educate our children and everyone else about the value of permissible fun activities.

community bbq

Community BBQ

BBQ events are held to bring the community together.

Summer School & Summer Fun

Summer school is held to keep kids connected with the masjid and with each other. Kids are taught Islamic manners, participate in fun activities, and create lasting friendships.

Workshops for teaching the noble Qur’an to adults

Quran Recitation by Famous Qurra

Masjid Al-Salam hosts famous Quran reciters form around the country and he world to listen to the beautiful recitation of the Book of Allah.

Annual Knowledge Competition

Masjid Al-Salam holds annual knowledge competition to instill fundamental knowledge of not only Islamic sciences, but also general knowledge to help our kids excel and succeed in life.

Special Events & Movie Night for Kids

Special events are held for the youngest members of our community to ensure they have the strongest Islamic foundation upon which to build their successful lives.

Halaqah, Camp and Various Events for Youth

Special events and camps are organized to discuss and address issues of importance to our youth, and to provide Islamic guidance to young community members.

Indoor and Outdoor Soccer Program

Outdoor sports programs are organized to keep the youth engaged and connected with the community, establish ties with each other, stay healthy and have fun.

Annual Quran Competition

Annual Quran competition is held for all ages from preschool to G-12, adults and huffaz. The primary objective of the competition is to keep out community connected with the Book of Allah.

Quran Competition Awards Ceremony

An awards ceremony is also held after the Quran Competition to reward the winners, and for the grand prize of Umrah trip partially sponsored by local business owners.

Serving the Community

Online classes, khutbahs, weekly lectures, and remote services are continuing to ensure our community stays connected with the masjid and comes out of the pandemic with stronger health and Iman and greater knowledge.


Ijazah is a certificate given by the Shaykh to the student of the Qur’an. He states that the students recite the entire Qur’an precisely with the rules of Tajweed, and now they are connected with the Sanad of the Prophet Muhammad.

Daa'wa Projects

Daa’wa projects are awareness activities aiming to preach Islam great teachings, love and mercy to everyone. These activities will bring Islam’s message of peace, equality, justice and sanctity of life to our fellow Canadians.